Haas Faculty, Staff, PhD Student Team up to Race, Raise Funds

Haas Corporate Run Group B

Haas represents at the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge: (front) Catherine Wolfram and Zsolt Katona; (back) Leif Nelson, Alastair Lawrence, Kate Ashley, Marcus Opp, Richard Sloan, Christian Puscasiu, and Monica Porter

A team featuring Haas faculty, staff, and a PhD student teamed up Tuesday to run the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, which raises funds for San Francisco’s Larkin Street Youth Services.

Assistant Professor Alastair Lawrence put out the call for runners and got ten takers to form a Haas team for the 3.5-mile footrace, including faculty members Zsolt Katona, Leif Nelson, Marcus Opp, Christian Puscasiu, Richard Sloan, and Catherine Wolfram; PhD Student Kate Ashley, of the  Operations Management Group, and staff members Cathy Garza, Marco Lindsey, and Monica Porter.

“I thought this would be a good opportunity to bring faculty and staff together and to start a new tradition,” says Lawrence. “It’s a highly regarded event in the business world and it was nice to have Berkeley-Haas be represented with businesses in the area.” Lawrence hopes to expand Berkeley-Haas presence in future years.

Find a recap of the event here.

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