MBA Internships: Broadening Investment Banking Skills

Landon't Berkeley MBA: broadening investment banking skills, rooting for the Bears

Landon Mizuguchi’s Berkeley MBA: Broadening investment banking skills, rooting for the Bears

Experience in M & A due diligence for a “Big 4” firm sparked Landon Mizuguchi’s interest in getting involved with a wider array of financial transactions.After speaking with friends and soon-to-be classmates, I knew that investment banking was a perfect fit–I could develop skills in valuation and business strategy, and continue to work on M&A transactions, while also advising clients on IPOs, takeover defenses, debt offerings, and all things corporate finance.” This summer he interned in the San Francisco office of a global investment bank.

Student: Landon Mizuguchi, MBA 14

Thrilled to be with this investment bank because: “This firm has such a strong culture of promoting teamwork, doing right by clients, and adhering to a set of business principles that resonate with me personally.  And the people are quite similar to those at Berkeley-Haas: insightful and impressive, yet pleasant and down to earth.“

Can’t believe he’s getting the chance to: Participate in live M&A negotiations. “This experience provided me with invaluable insight into the tactical approaches and preparation necessary to execute large-scale transactions.”

New skill applied: Financial modeling. “Over the course of the internship, I worked on several financial analyses, including discounted cash flows, merger consequences, comparable companies, and leveraged buyouts.” He says his Corporate Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions courses provided the theory and context necessary to conduct these analyses in practice.

Banking Geeks Out: “Our SF office periodically holds ‘Geek Out’ sessions where an employee presents the art or science behind an interesting topic. One Managing Director (“MD”) shared his secrets behind earning/using Frequent Flier Miles, and, during our internship, summer analysts/associates taught the office about subjects ranging from unique forms of electricity, to the art and history of DJ’ing.”

Advancing career goals by: Learning. “I am working on interesting transactions with incredible people who have loads of experience, so whether I remain in investment banking or pursue another path, this internship has been wonderfully rewarding for my career.”

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