Mobile Insights Garner Finalist Honors at Infocom

Evgeniya Kalenykh, MBA 14

Evgeniya Kalenykh, MBA 14

The Competition: The 2012 Infocom Future Leadership Awards, held in Calcutta, Dec. 7 as part of the Infocom conference for professionals in information and communications technology.

The Winner: Evgeniya (Eve) Kalenykh, MBA 14, who was one of six finalists.

The Field: More than 1,000 students from 70 b-schools worldwide.

The Challenge: To write a paper on the theme of mobility.

The Winning Approach: In addressing the impact of mobility on organizations and consumers, Kalenykh wrote from her perspective as an MBA candidate who will rejoin the workforce in two years, exploring what the organizations would be like and the skill set that would be required. “For instance, I talked about the importance of seeing and sensing the big picture in the terabytes of data that we are now able to obtain. As a result, ideal employees of mobile era would be visionary and curious rather than skilled.”

A Winner Because: Kalenykh thinks it’s because she identified key trends, such as the ability of companies to offer more with less, (i.e. creating meaningful data instead of simply abundant data,) and the need to be supportive—without being “creepy.” “Suppliers struggle with a desire to offer more, while assuring the user of privacy and anonymity of his information,” she says. “There will be more educated guesses about consumers, more bold campaigns–and more epic failures.”

The H Factor: Kalenykh is pursuing her Berkeley MBA to re-enter the tech industry after four years with the global consumer goods giant Unilever. At Haas she has helped with the school’s annual digital media conference, >play, putting together a mobile application to replace a conference brochure. “This appealed to me from both a sustainability perspective and the ability to get up to speed with latest technology advancements.” She also worked on the annual challenge put on by the Haas Technology Club and will co-chair that event in 2013.

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