Winning Approaches: 2012 Adobe Digital Analytics Competition

2nd Place in the Adobe Challenge: Dino Boukouris, Tamara Patterson, and Alex Leung

The Competition: 2012 Adobe Digital Analytics Competition, held at Adobe’s new campus in Salt Lake City on Nov. 16.

The Team: Dino Boukouris, Alex Leung, and Tamara Patterson, all MBA 15 in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program.

The Outcome: Second place.

The Field: The team emerged from an original field of 160+ to compete in the finals against NYU, Northwestern, MIT, and UCLA and take the second-place prize of $7,500.

The Challenge: Use the Adobe Site Catalyst and Discover tools to analyze site data. “We had to come up with our own understanding of XfinityTV’s business objectives, identify key performance indicators, and make actionable recommendations to improve,” says Leung.

The Winning Approach: “Our solution focused on collecting relevant visitor data for understanding users better,” says Leung. “Using the themes of engage, attract/grow, and retain, we provided recommendations to improve the experience for the most valuable customer segments.”

Won Because: “None of our team members have previous experience in marketing or digital analytics,” says Leung. “We are all scientists/engineers so we stuck with the numbers and made observations in the data as we saw it. We think our fresh perspective helped us lay out a clear path to our recommendations, which the judges complimented.”

The H Factor: “The timing was great because we are all currently studying Marketing, and we had just completed the Leadership Communication course,” Leung says. “We knew to use a vertical takeoff, minimize text on the slides, and use stories as much as possible.”

Try it because: “It was great experience to directly apply our learning from class lectures and even win a big check!” says Leung. “We got to learn new tools, pick up new skills (marketing/digital analytics), define a problem from a new perspective, and collaborate with those we haven’t worked with before. We had so much support from our EWMBA classmates and are really proud we could represent Haas in the finals.”


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