Random Acts of MBA Kindness

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Kyle Rudzinski was reminded by a recent Facebook post of the power of asking for what you want. The first-year full-time MBA student had been taking a (brief) break from studying for his Accounting final when he saw a class Facebook page exchange in which Charlie Hughes, MBA 14, put out a call for classmates to join him at a local dance competition. Kate Morris responded that this opportunity was on her bucket list.

This got Rudzinski thinking about the resource pool within the Berkeley MBA Program–a group of smart, connected people also highly inspired by the school’s Beyond Yourself Defining Principle. “At how many other points in your life are you part of such a concentrated body of talent?” he says. “It seemed like a perfect opportunity to sync wish lists with random acts of kindness.”

So, Rudzinski launched Haasies Helping Haasies, an initiative to do just such syncing. His classmates submitted more than three dozen wishes (funneled anonymously through Rudzinski for the time being) within five days. He’s putting out the asks during this week of giving thanks and will then pair Haas colleagues to aid one another in aspirational goals. These include learning to surf and and learning to make fancy French pastries, attending the Oscars, and meeting Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

“This is really community-owned” says Rudzinski, whose own aspiration for the year is practicing influence beyond authority. “I’m just a conduit to help build our community.”

Watch this space to see wishes come true!

Update: Rudzinski posted the wish lists on Sunday at noon. As of 8:30 Monday morning, 11/19, 158 offers covering 52 out of 57 requests have come in. As he notes, “that’s pretty cool.”

photo credits: LizanneG via photopin cc

Michael Dawes via photopin cc

Dave_B_ via photopin cc

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