Vetted: Robert Shaye

U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Robert Shaye in Panama

This week we are showcasing students at Haas who are veterans of the U.S. military. Today, meet Robert Shaye, MBA 14:

Service: Lieutenant, U.S. Coast Guard.

Inspired by: The humanitarian aspect of the Coast Guard and the leadership opportunities. “During my first assignment onboard a Coast Guard cutter, our crew saved over 400 Cuban migrants and 14 New England fishermen and participated in counter-narcotics operations in the Southern Caribbean.”

Invaluable experience: “I was 24 years old when I began my second assignment, to develop and execute a training program for 800 cadets each summer. I learned how to set organizational goals, overcome challenges, and inspire others.”

Life lessons: “Everything I have achieved in my Coast Guard career has been with a team. The strong sense of teamwork in our study groups, cohorts, and class is one of the reasons I love Haas so much.”

B-school because: “I have always been interested in business even from a young age. Living in San Francisco from 2008-2012 especially fueled my passion for entrepreneurship and technology.”

 Haas because: “I applied to and visited six MBA programs but none of them provided the rich culture and close-knit community that Haas offers. I could tell instantly that the student body was close and so was the Veteran’s Club. During orientation, I was thrilled to find out that there were 10 U.S. veterans in our class and that the number will likely grow next year.”

Defining Principles in Action: Before I enrolled I was told that Haas takes its Defining Principles seriously. After only two months in the program I could not agree more. Classes such as Leadership Communication teach us Confidence Without Attitude, and the Problem Finding Problem Solving course teaches us how to Question the Status Quo. I’m happy to say that these principles are readily visible in the students, faculty, and administration.”

Meet other Haas vets:

Jeff Allen, MBA 13, U.S. Army, Washington National Guard

Brandon Doll, MBA 14, U.S. Navy

Stephanie Knoch, MBA 13, U.S. Navy


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