Vetted: Stephanie Knoch

“Haas is just a different spin on the same values I held dear in the Navy.”

This week we are showcasing students at Haas who are veterans of the U.S. military. Today, meet Stephanie Knoch, MBA 13:

Service: United States Navy, Surface Warfare Officer and Nuclear Engineer.

Opportunity capture: “I knew the military would afford me amazingly unique opportunities from day one. I mean, how many people get to drive a warship in the Persian Gulf or operate dual reactors aboard a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier–before the age of 25?!”

Life lessons: “The gift of perspective. When things get stressful I am able to take a step back and realize that no one will die from any decision I make. It takes the pressure off.”

Invaluable experience: “The Navy constantly pushed me outside of my comfort zone. While I never became completely at ease with the ‘sink or swim’ mentality, I gained the confidence that made me comfortable with the discomfort.”

B-school because:“Prior to Haas, I served in the Navy and then supported Navy clients as a government contractor. After a decade of working in essentially one industry, I wanted to transition my career. I came to business school to learn about what the rest of the world did for a living and to choose a new path for my life.”

Stephanie Knoch, MBA 13

Haas because: “My former shipmates often ask me why I chose Haas because, frankly, the common perception is that Berkeley is diametrically opposed to our background. But I chose Haas because it isn’t–it’s just a different spin on the same values I held dear in the Navy. The people are impressively accomplished but completely down to earth–and the dedication to serving others, however each person defines that, is core to everything we do here.”

Meet other Haas vets:

Jeff Allen, MBA 13, U.S. Army, Washington National Guard

Brandon Doll, MBA 14, U.S. Navy

Robert Shaye, MBA 14, U.S. Coast Guard

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