Vetted: Brandon Doll

Former Ensign Brandon Doll (left) reviews his ship’s position aboard the USS Boxerin 2007 

On this Veteran’s Day, we would like to recognize all the brave men and women who have served in uniform past and present. At the Haas School of Business, we are fortunate to have several veterans among our student ranks. From the classroom to the courtyard, their global perspective, leadership, and resilience enrich our community.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we invite you to learn more about our Haas Veterans Club and about a few of our vets, who will be featured on this blog over the course of the week. Today, meet Brandon Doll, MBA 2014:

Service: United States Navy, Surface Warfare Officer

Inspired to: “Follow in my grandfather and great-grandfather’s footsteps, receive a world-class education at the U.S. Naval Academy, and serve my country in return.” The events of September 11th changed Doll’s idea of service completely. “I was given the chance to serve my country in a true time of need.”

Invaluable experience: “I flew on to my first ship, the USS Boxer, on its way to the Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. On my first day, I was put in charge of a division of thirty sailors during wartime operations in foreign waters. This was the greatest leadership challenge I have ever faced.”

B-school because: To complement Naval officer skills and make a successful transition to the corporate world.

Haas because: “Coming from the U.S. Navy, an institution rich in tradition and values, I sought a similarly ethical and value-centric entity in a business school. Just as the Navy emphasizes ‘Honor, Courage, and Commitment,’ Haas truly embodies its Defining Principles through faculty, curriculum and culture.”

A classmate’s thoughts: “Brandon’ s unique leadership and organizational experience brings a valuable new perspective to our discussions both inside and outside the classroom,” says Spencer Kellogg, MBA 14. “Our conversations about leadership, obedience, and motivation stand out as particularly insightful.” Adds Kellogg, “Brandon’s also among the better dancers at Haas.  Not sure where he learned that.”

Read about more Haas vets:

Jeff Allen, MBA 13, U.S. Army, Washington National Guard

Stephanie Knoch, MBA 13, U.S. Navy

Robert Shaye, MBA 14, U.S. Coast Guard

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