One Tough Mudder: Nine Winners

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When Tucker McKee, MBA 14, e-mailed classmates a few months back with an invitation to run the Lake Tahoe Tough Mudder, he wasn’t sure how many takers he’d get. Eight up-for-anything classmates signed on for the Sept. 22 event, an 11-mile jaunt offering the opportunity to crawl through mud, run through a field of live wires, and tackle 18 other obstacles.

Rohit Behl,  Dash Victor, Brian Finegan, Erik Krogh-Jespersen, Jason Ma, Maren Martinelli, Allen Wong, and Jonathan Wylie, all MBA 14, joined McKee and all finished the course without shirking a single obstacle (which is an option for those unnerved by, say, submerging oneself in a pool of ice water at mile 3).

The Electric Eel obstacle proved to be the least popular with the Haas team. “If you lift your head, you get zapped by 10,000 volts. It’s a little claustrophobic,” McKee says of the mud crawl with live wires hanging above. On the other hand, most of the team found Walk the Plank, a 15-foot jump into a small pool, to be a walk in the park. “We could have all done that one again,” says McKee. Martinelli says her favorite challenge was the rings. “I killed it on the rings, by far my best event!”

Running the course with fellow students, the team saw parallels to their Berkeley MBA experience: “We had to climb a 12-foot ‘Berlin Wall,’ which is really difficult to do alone,” says McKee. “It was an example of our team members literally helping one another over a hurdle—something which happens regularly in classes and study groups as we help each other understand new concepts.”

As for next year, the Haas team is still undecided.  McKee says, “I’m not much of a runner and this was hard on my knees. Maybe I’ll convince the others to try Escape from Alcatraz.”

Haas Tough Mudder team–front, l. to r: Brian Finegan, Rohit Behl; back, l. to r. John Lai (friend of Jason Ma), Jason Ma, Erik-Krogh-Jespersen, Allen Wong, Jon Wylie, Tucker McKee, Dash Victor, Maren Martinelli

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