MBA Internships: Boston Consulting Group

Student: Nandita Batra, MBA 13.

Interning with: Boston Consulting Group (BCG), San Francisco. Batra is working with a food and beverage client on reducing complexity by eliminating under-performing SKUs (stock keeping units – i.e., individual product variations), reducing duplicative SKUs, and realigning manufacturing processes.

 Thrilled because: BCG has a long history of shaping management thinking and practice. “The long hours pass quickly, because my team has such a great sense of humor and is always willing to help each other out.”

Can’t believe she’s getting to: own a client relationship.

Already she’s learned: that cross-functional perspectives are incredibly important. “Although I’m working on an operations module, it’s still critical to understand the market perspective (consumers, customers, competitors) to inform our decisions and mitigate risk.”

The Berkeley MBA toolkit: “Accounting methodologies can have a big impact on how you view the profitability of a product and thus, the business decisions you make.” Plus, Problem Finding, Problem Solving, has helped Batra to better understand root causes. While she is currently reducing complexity, “it’s equally important to understand why there is so much complexity in the system today–and identify organizational solutions (e.g., process, structure, incentives) to prevent it from creeping back into the system.

Inside BCG: “BCG cares about creating sustainable careers for its employees and has implemented a major new initiative called PTO to support work-life balance.”

Advancing career goals by: Building a broad business foundation. “I’m working on an operations-related workstream, which is completely new to me and a great opportunity to expand knowledge. At the same time, I benefit from interaction with teammates working on marketing and innovation, overhead cost management, and sales force redesign.”

Please note that the views expressed in this post are those of the subject and do not necessarily reflect the views of Boston Consulting Group.

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