Wall St. Journal Shines a Light on Life in the EWMBA Program


Asked and answered by the WSJ: What do b-school students do all day?

Not only do students in the Berkeley Evening & Weekend MBA Program juggle school and work, they somehow also manage to train for half Ironman events, work on career changes, and squeeze in a little time for family and fun.

The Wall Street Journal took a look at a recent Saturday in the life of three students in the program: Emily Douglas, MBA 13; Jake Goldfield, MBA 12; and Greg Marek, MBA 13, for the story, A Day in the Life at Haas School of Business.

Goldfield, a senior manager with Symantec, reveals how he fits in not one, but TWO hardcore workouts on a school day and how he balances physical effort with mental–reading through the Economist over a handful of cereal and learning in class about change management at HP and in the middle east.

Douglas wraps up a team project developing an employee engagement strategy for a national consumer brand, then unwinds with the rest of the class over pizza at the prof’s house.

Marek, senior manager of financial planning with NBC Universal, bookends his days with a quick flight and appreciates that his fellow students give him a lift back to the airport after a day spent discussing financial distress and agency costs.

It’s a glimpse at how just one day in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program is no small achievement.


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