Winning Approaches: Innovation Challenge Semi-finals

Innovation team Sathishkumar Balasubramanian, Shisher Wahie, Winnie Phua, and Denise Toy, all MBA 13.

The Competition: The Innovation Challenge, a global business innovation competition.

The Team: Evening and weekend MBA students Sathishkumar Balasubramanian, Winnie Phua, Denise Toy, and Shisher Wahie, all MBA 13.

The Outcome: Emerging from a field of 178 teams to be among the top 15 overall and top 5 in the strategy and business model category.

The Challenge: Generating ways for AT&T to better connect its cloud-hosting services with mobility applications and services to meet the needs of small businesses.

The Winning Approach: “We definitely used brainstorming techniques amassed from the PFPS class, so had a broad range of solutions from which we ultimately picked our unique solution,” says Phua.

Defining Principles at Work: “We received positive feedback from judges and organizers on our innovation and presentation skills and the general display of confidence without attitude,” Phua says.

Fitting it all in: Since team members work full-time and attend school on Saturdays, that left Sundays–and much of Thanksgiving weekend to devote to the Challenge.

Fuel of Choice: Breakfast muffins and sandwich dinners from Panera Bread. Entertainment provided by Chief Morale Officer Sadie the Maltese.

Demonstrated Competition Prowess 2011-12: Innovation, education, management of organizations, marketing, entrepreneurship, and real estate.

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