MBA Internships: Facebook

Student: Hans Lintermans, MBA 12

Interning with: Facebook, Palo Alto, CA

Thrilled to be with Facebook because: “The energy is amazing. Every week new ideas are thrown around and received with great enthusiasm.”

Can’t believe he’s getting the chance to: Ask Mark Zuckerberg any question during weekly company-wide Q&As and launch an internal solution without much supervision.

Already he’s learned: That he works best in an environment that focuses only on value-added projects. “The company lives and breathes, ‘move fast and break things’ which means that I get the opportunity to work on projects that have real impact, even though they might not be perfect.”

Advancing career goals by: Gaining real insight into a successful startup. “During my MBA at Haas, I am focusing on entrepreneurship and marketing. Working on Facebook’s global marketing team gives me the ideal platform to put what I learn in action.”

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