MBA Internships: ConAgra Foods

Student: Emily Battle, MBA 12

Interning with: ConAgra Foods, Boise ID

Thrilled to be with ConAgra because: She’s getting exposure to brand management for a CPG company and a glimpse into life as a brand manager. “I am learning a lot about mass agriculture and manufacturing while maintaining a focus on marketing strategy and execution.”

Can’t believe she’s getting the chance to: Work on a project that has a high level of visibility throughout the Board of Governors. “I am getting to interact with Sr. level management and present my recommendations to ConAgra’s President of Commercial Foods.”

Already she’s learned: “Brand management is ultimately about understanding your consumer and their needs.” She’s also discovering that brand managers “must have strong leadership skills in order to successfully manage cross-functional teams.”

Advancing career goals by: Gaining experience in the CPG industry in which she hopes to work. “This internship is a great way to work on projects that will be relevant during interviews.”

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