MBA Internships: Chevron Technology Ventures

Students Gain Experience, Expand Networks

Berkeley MBA students have found time this summer to climb mountains, consult globally through IBD, and perhaps even to unwind and dangle their toes in the water. For most, though, summer means plunging headfirst into the metaphorical waters of future careers with an internship. MBA Inernships is a series of posts on what the class of 2012 is learning as they work worldwide this summer in fields from banking to brand management and for companies from McKinsey to Microsoft.

Student: Adam Boscoe, MBA 12

Interning with: Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV)
San Ramon, CA

Thrilled to be with CTV because: I’m very interested in working to scale-up emerging energy technologies by taking them from the lab to widespread commercialization

Can’t believe he’s getting the chance to: Structure transactions with start-ups and equipment providers for new projects and work with some of the most promising energy entrepreneurs in the world. “In the first week I participated in numerous deal negotiations and even drafted my first term sheet.”

Already he’s learned: the value of combining a traditional business school education with a flexible, innovative approach to every solution. “Trying to solve the world’s energy needs is not something you read in a book, but it’s also important to figure out how to convey the excitement of new technologies in a way that makes sense to management and shareholders.”

Advancing career goals by: Connecting with many well known experts in his field and gained new tangible skills. “I was also looking for more blue-chip employment experience to round out my resume and Chevron has a great brand.”

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