The Brand Prize

Berkeley MBAs Win Brand Management Challenge

Expecting to develop branding strategies for breakfast cereal or bottled water, a Berkeley MBA team hit a curve ball—right out of the park—successfully tackling an oil and gas B2B challenge to win the Elite Eight Brand Management Case Competition. Full-time students Alicia Chen, Anne-Elise Fettig, Jessica Huard, Vannie Shu, and Stephanie Tsai, all MBA 12, brought home $10,000 and the Haas School’s fourth victory since 2005 in this Carlson School competition.

The team was given 30 hours to create brand preference for Eaton, a components manufacturer in the oil and gas industry. “Our strategy was to divide the entire value chain into two types of customers—those that actually purchase and those that influence,” says Huard.

In choosing to address customers that wield influence as well as wallets, the Berkeley-Haas team beat out competitors that included Northwestern’s Kellogg, The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton, and Duke University’s Fuqua. Read more about this caffeine-fueled feat in a blog post by Stephanie Tsai.

Up next: MBA 11s Jeannette Gessler, Allison Gigliotti, Erika Heaton, Chitra Laxmanan, and MBA 12 Kristin Schaefer take on the Marketing Summit at Wake Forest in February. Last year 86 teams competed just to be one of eight participants. Berkeley-Haas has bagged a slot and an opportunity to meet a challenge posed by VF Corporation’s North Face Brand.

Elite 8 winners: Vannie Shu, Stephanie Tsai, Anne-Elise Fettig, Jessica Huard and Alicia Chen, all MBA 12

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